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Get Construction Contractor & Architectural Service For Commercial And Residential Projects.

Excellence made visible

We are renowned as the best building contractor in Gorakhpur for our 10+ years of experience and proven skills in this industry.  

In this fast and busy lifestyle, it is very difficult to find the right people, especially who are reliable, when it comes to construction work of your residential or commercial property.

We have a dedicated and highly experienced team to handle all your construction work.

From heavy-lifting and structure building to finishing and paint, we manage it all.

Best Building Contractor in Gorakhpur

Our mission is to deliver the best quality infrastructure at the minimum possible cost to the customer. With this commitment, our team aspires to significantly contribute to improving the standards of living by strengthening and expanding its current position, thus becoming the first selection for existing and prospective clients.

We are applauded for being the best building contractor in Gorakhpur

  • We seek to achieve the best while delivering world-class service to our clients.
  • We are firmly committed to providing excellence in real-estate development. 
  • We believe in building values to achieve prosperity and success to our followers, investors, and associates.  
  • Our standards, high degree of professionalism, and credibility that we have infused in the development of our projects prove this.

Building construction work

- by our building contractor in Gorakhpur
  • Our commitment to quality and our competency in site inspection, creative designs, building construction, coordination of operations and financing practices has made us the most sought after building contractor in Gorakhpur.
  • Our expertise is in a whole range of real estate development activities; these include Planning, architectural designing, building construction, and effective management of various types of residential and commercial projects.
  • We provide complete solution to concrete structure building: foundation, DPC, beams, wall, stairs, and roof for both residential and commercial properties.

Plumbing work

- by our building contractor in Gorakhpur
  • Our highly expert team delivers Plumbing services for all industrial, commercial & residential needs as per our client requisition.
  • We make use of high-quality components and fittings that are robust and cost-effective in the long run.

Electrical work

- by our building contractor in Gorakhpur
  • Electrical wiring plays a very important role during construction. Today underground electrical wiring is in fashion but if the quality and size of wire is not proper, it can be hazardous.
  • We have a highly experienced and qualified team of engineers and technicians to calculate the present and future load and provide the best solution of electrical wiring, installation of Distribution Boards and Switch Boards.

Flooring work

- by our interior designers in Gorakhpur
  • Our expert team is well experienced when it comes to fitting and finishing of these floorings.
  • We provide the best flooring service in Gorakhpur and deal in high-quality floorings: marble flooring, stone & ceramic tiles , wooden laminates, timbre, and water resistant flooring.

False ceiling work

- by our interior designers in Gorakhpur
  • We provide all types of false ceiling services like Bathroom False Ceiling Service, Bedroom False Ceiling Service, Hallway False Ceiling Service, Home Theater False Ceiling Service, Kitchen False Ceiling Service, etc.
  • We are specialized in rendering qualitative False Ceiling service to the clients.
  • We deal in all types of false ceiling work: POP, Gypsum, Wood, PVC, Metal, Fibre and Glass with excellent finish.

Painting work

- by our interior designers in Gorakhpur
  • With years of experience in paint work, our team of professional painters provide exceptional painting service in Gorakhpur.
  • We have a team of professional painters, who deliver premium quality paint finish and give a beautiful ambience to your home or work space.
  • We provide flawless painting service in matte, satin, eggshell and glossy finish for wall, wood and iron.

Why choose us?

Executing the construction of complex projects and infrastructure is just one of our specialties. Besides this, we also specialize in creative designing of residential and commercial properties.

With focus on best planning, attention toward architectural comfort with the latest technology, Modular Interior aims to renovate the real estate system. 

Our highly experienced team of professionals provide complete solutions to Building construction work, Plumbing work, Electrical Work, Flooring work, False ceiling work, and Painting work.

We are acknowledged for being the best building contractor in Gorakhpur, because of the following points:

  • Highly Experienced.
  • Industry Knowledge.
  • Excellent Reputation.
  • High Competency, On-time Delivery.
  • Helping clients in making beneficial decisions.

Let's work together!

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